The best PS5 headset in 2024

When it comes to PS5 gaming, one of the most important accessories to have is a high-quality headset. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the best one. Here’s a guide on what to look for before purchasing a headset, as well as a list I created to help you make your decision.

What to Look for Before Buying:

  1. Compatibility: Ensure the headset is compatible with PS5 to enjoy its full features.
  2. Audio Quality: Look for headsets with surround sound or 3D audio support for immersive gaming.
  3. Comfort: Check for adjustable headbands, cushioned ear cups, and lightweight designs for long gaming sessions.
  4. Microphone: A clear and adjustable microphone is crucial for in-game communication.
  5. Wireless vs. Wired: Decide if you prefer the freedom of wireless or the reliability of wired headsets.
  6. Battery Life (for wireless): If you opt for wireless, consider the battery life for uninterrupted gaming.
  7. Price: Set a budget and look for headsets that offer the best features within that range.


Crafting a Helpful List: To create a list that truly helps, I researched various headsets, scoured Reddit and gaming forums for user reviews, and considered personal experiences and expert opinions. I’ve compiled a list of top-rated headsets that cater to different preferences and budgets, ensuring there’s something for everyone. This list aims to simplify your decision-making process and lead you to the perfect headset for your PS5 gaming needs.

Best Headsets For PS5:

  • Audeze Maxwell
  • SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro
  • Razer Kaira X
  • Razer BlackShark V2 Pro
  • Logitech G PRO X 2

Audeze Maxwell

The Audeze Maxwell Wireless is the best PlayStation 5 headset I’ve tested. These over-ears are available in a PlayStation variant and provide a premium gaming experience thanks to their planar-magnetic drivers. When compared to dynamic driver headphones like the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro, these drivers allow for more bass extension, less distortion, and a better soundstage. Although they are a little bulky and heavy, which may cause discomfort during extended gaming sessions, their impressive battery life of nearly 78 hours means you will be able to enjoy many gaming sessions without having to recharge.

These gaming headphones have a neutral sound profile by default. The bass range provides plenty of thump and punch, enhancing sound effects like explosions and gunfire for an immersive gaming experience while not overpowering the overall audio mix. For those looking to personalise their audio experience, the Audeze HQ app includes EQ presets such as the ‘Immersive’ preset, which flattens the sound profile and is perfect for high-resolution audio.

Furthermore, the boom mic ensures that your voice is heard clearly and naturally, while teammates’ voices are detailed and easy to understand, allowing you to stay connected and aware during intense gaming sessions. These headphones are frequently back-ordered and difficult to locate, so if you find them available for purchase, act quickly.

SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless

Frequency response: 10Hz – 22kHz   |   Microphone: ClearCast Gen 2 – Fully Retractable Boom; Bidirectional Noise-Canceling   |   ANC: Yes   |   Controls: Power, mic mute, Bluetooth   |   Battery: 22 hours per battery   |   Weight: 337g   |   Compatibility: PC, PlayStation

The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is without a doubt my top pick for gaming headsets, particularly for the PlayStation 5. It’s a powerhouse with excellent audio quality, impressive features, and a comfortable design. While it is expensive, if you want the best of the best and are willing to invest, this headset is worth considering. Its versatility shines through for those with a split PC and console setup, as the headset’s high-quality audio is supplemented by a split connection hub, making it an excellent value for those who use both platforms. Furthermore, the swappable battery packs address the age-old issue of battery life, allowing you to game for hours without worrying about running out of power.

However, the Arctis Nova Pro Wireless is not suitable for everyone. If you prefer a plug-and-play device without having to fiddle with EQ settings, this headset may be more than you bargained for. Its premium features and quality come at a cost, making it less appealing to those with a limited budget. Despite these considerations, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless stands out as a top choice for anyone looking for the best gaming experience on the PlayStation 5.

Razer Kaira X

Type: Over-ear   |   Enclosure: Closed-Back   |   Wireless: Yes   |   Transducer: Razer TriForce 50mm Drivers   |   Noise Cancelling: No   |   Mic: Yes

In my opinion, Razer’s first PS5 headset, the Kaira X, is a solid offering. While not as high-end as the full Kaira version, the Kaira X for PlayStation still packs a punch, especially given its $60 / £60 price. This headset is an excellent choice for those looking for high-quality sound without the need for a wireless connection, making it a great value.

The Kaira X’s design is similar to Razer’s PS5 headset line, with a sleek black and white aesthetic that matches the console. Despite being made of plastic, the headset is comfortable, with well-padded cushions around the cups and headband. While the Kaira X lacks EQ customisation and wireless connectivity, Razer’s TriForce 50mm drivers deliver excellent audio quality. The sound reproduction is excellent, with full bass, rich mids, and crisp highs, making it an appealing option for cost-conscious gamers seeking a high-quality audio experience

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

Type: Over-ear   |   Enclosure: Closed-Back   |   Wireless: Yes   |   Transducer: Razer TriForce Titanium 50mm Drivers   |   Noise Cancelling: Yes, Passive Noise Cancelling   |   Mic: Yes, Razer HyperClear Supercardioid Mic

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro stands out as a top-tier PS5 gaming headset, with a feature set that few others can match. The 2023 remake has taken an already popular headset to new heights, with onboard profiles that seamlessly carry Synapse EQ settings over to console and one of the best microphones tested thus far. This makes it a standout choice, particularly for those who frequently play online on the PlayStation 5.

Furthermore, the BlackShark V2 Pro is ideal for those who alternate between PS5 and PC gaming, providing significant value due to its PC-compatible design. Competitive players will also appreciate its ultra-low latency and lightweight design. However, if you don’t need a wireless connection, the BlackShark V2 Pro’s features may appear excessive, as its high price reflects the premium placed on wireless capabilities. Furthermore, without active noise cancellation, it may not be the best option for those who require headphones for commuting.

Logitech G PRO X 2

The Logitech G PRO X 2 LIGHTSPEED Wireless is the best wireless headset for PS5 in the upper midrange price range. These headphones are an updated version of the Logitech G PRO X WIRELESS LIGHTSPEED Gaming Headset, with improved build quality and increased earcup range of motion. They also have low latency, a comfortable fit, and nearly 100 hours of continuous battery life, eliminating the need for daily recharges. These headphones also support Bluetooth, allowing them to pair with your phone or a Bluetooth-enabled computer. However, unlike the Audeze Maxwell Wireless, they can only connect to one source at a time, so you cannot listen to audio from both your console and your phone.

They have a detachable boom mic, which makes your voice sound clear and understandable, albeit robotic and bassy. Fortunately, it will keep your voice from being drowned out by background noise or a passing vehicle. You can use the feature-rich software to customise and save your EQ settings for use with your PS5. The SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro costs about the same and includes a microphone that makes your voice sound more natural. However, it does not perform well in noisy environments, and the headphones are not particularly comfortable for most people.